Kom, når du kan-kursus


Would you like to practice and learn more Danish in a group but find it hard to come by every week due to work, travel, or general business?

Then Kom når du kan-kursus might be exactly what you need.

We meet every week, and you only pay for the classes you attend. Each class has a topic and a grammatical focus, but the main thing is to speak Danish.
Bring all your unanswered questions!

You sign up and pay for 5 lessons. If you cannot come to class, all you must do is to let me know, and you won’t be charged.

Your current level of Danish:

You understand normal uncomplicated conversation and you can read an easy newspaper article. Maybe you know a lot more Danish but are still reluctant to speak with Danish people.

Come join!

Tuesday 8 to 9.30 am

Wednesday 3 to 4.30 pm


Cost: 5 lessons of 90 minutes 1500 kr.