Danish language instructor

Den lille Sprogskole – it’s me!

I have many years experience of teaching Danish, and I do it because I love it!

I am good at working out what can be difficult to understand, and explaining this in a useful way that’s adapted to my students. I am always present in my teaching, and expect a high level of engagement from my students. I have experience with large classes, small groups and one-on-one teaching.

I have an MA in French, but I have been passionate about teaching Danish since the summer of 2000, when I started teaching in a private language school, and realised that it was the most at home I would ever feel at work.

I am educated to teach Danish as a second language for adults, I am an FVU teacher and dyslexia teacher. I have worked in a large language centre, where I taught Danskuddannelse 2 and 3 and FVU.

I am interested in making teaching exciting, simplifying pronunciation, and making communication effective, so that learning Danish can be relevant and helpful to anyone!

Annebeth Fridberg